This Novel is for "Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark) as an apology for taking a long hiatus from the wikia. And to all my old friends from POTCO that moved on, or stayed with everyone, even after the death of POTCO.


A Middle-Aged Merchant, named Captain Alexander Dwight, aided by his faithful sidekick Greg Harris, are setting of on another long voyage to China, for exotic Spices. In the middle of the voyage, their faithful old ship "The Loon" capsizes near Ottoman Empire Territories. Captain Alexander, Greg Harris, and his crew of 54 are forced to wait to be rescued. This is a story of Survival, with themes of loss, and great pain, and great triumph. This story also has themes like loyalty, betrayal, and many other suprise themes. 

Genre - Historical Sci-Fi

Rating - 14 and over

Characters (Main Protagonists)


Captain Alexander Dwight

Royal Navy Boatswain 1820

Greg Harris -Former Boatswain turned Loyal First Mate of the Captain.


Priestess, Ywangsana

Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth by James Northcote

Retired Naval Lieutenant, and Loyal Quarter Master of Captain Alexander, George Nellington

Characters (Main Antagonists)

Portrait of a gentleman, half-length, in Ottoman dress favray c 1760s

Ottoman Sultan


First Mate, of Alexander Dwight, turned bounty hunter for the Spanish Royals


Head General, and Torturer of the Ottoman Military


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