• The Ship they Took on the expediton
  • The Group posing On the ship at the near End of World

On August 11, 2008, a Small Group of Pirates by the names of Maxx, Will Warhound, Thomas Foulskull, and David Firecrash went on search for the EITC Ship... Juggernaut. At this time, this was a very important discovery, as for the ship was not announced on the Main News, The reason for this is the ship was originally in the game at one point taken out then brought back in.

How they Discovered it

Maxx, the Leader of the crew would look at the Release Notes every time there was a new update. One day he noticed on one of the Release Notes said something about a ship called Juggernaut new into the game. As curious as he was, he got on POTCO and asked a few of his friends to explore for this, at the time, "unknown" ship. They took an expedition out, and discovered both the End of the World and the Juggernaut. They were all very happy for both great discoveries, but more happy for the Juggernaut. Not many people knew about these legends. Now due to the fact the ship is very common... stories like these serve no purpose, but it will always be a great story to remember. The end of the world is highly undicovered but I think you and me are some of the only pirates to find it. More about me on Nate Treshercaptain page. (Yes it is supposed to be Tresher not treasure)

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