The Death

The Great War started in July of 1721 (2010) When Leon "stole" EITC leadership from Lord Samuel Redbeard. For the following months they have quarried and left a mess in their path. And one fateful day, Samuel Redbeard decided to join up with Leon temporarily and gain his trust as to find out about future plans. This charade went on for some time, and Leon and Samuel had begun to grow close, little did he know, one of Leon's head assassins figured Samuel was up to something, and he sought to destroy Samuel before he could destroy Leon. So one night, when Samuel was taking a stroll through the town of Port Royal, he saw him. The assassin came out of nowhere and pointed a rather odd looking weapon ( which was later found out to be a wand) at Samuel, and spoke two words:"Avada Kedavra!". There was a green flash of light that struck Samuel and there he lay, as dead as his father. He was discovered by Leon the next day when Leon teleported to him. They buried him in a marble tomb on Fort Righteous. After 7 days exactly, his body was gone from the tomb.

The Resurrection

The faithful, Giratina Origin Forme sought out to raise his dead master from the Locker, and so he set out to perform the ritual. He took the Bone of the Father (Jolly Roger), Flesh of the Servant (Giratina himself cut off his pinky finger), Blood of the Enemy (there was fresh blood of Leon on Samuel's blade, though he hadn't stabbed Leon in months!). He combined these, and Samuel Redbeard walked the earth again, ready to serve the EITC once more...


If you look closely at Giratina Origin Forme's right hand, you will notice his pinky finger is missing.

This is similar to when Lord Voldemort was raised.

The Marble Tomb was acutally the entrance to Paderdomus, which is a very old and very sacred mausoleum said to be the place where the original EITC Council of the Elders members are going to be buried when they die.

There was fresh blood on Samuel's blade, though he hadn't stabbed Leon since October... how could this be? And his blade never left him so NOBODY else could have stabbed him, because his blade was buried with him....

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