The Cursed Pirate was a member of a clan formerly led by Cortez himself to become immortal. They successfully created a single medallion replica of Cortez's Gold he hid in a chest in Ile De Murtea but when They saw they could only make one the Clan had a civil war and only one survived(other than Cortez who was in Spain) The man picked up the Gold and lived for over 200 years without feeling pain. but when he got tired of living, he donated his blood but it didn't work so he destroyed the medallion but he was still cursed, So he went mad and joined Jolly Roger's army until one day, Tia Dalma offered to be free of the curse, and be able to die, but he had to get the medallion for it to work. So when he explained she still lifted it, but after a year of feeling pleasure of mortality, The curse was laid upon him once again by the Armada of the Damned who were angry about the curse and the man went to Davy Jones who only made him a member of his Crew and when the man abandoned the crew he turned into a half man half skeleton and he still lives today, with the Curse under a tight leash by Captain Jack Sparrows Ring. Jack did this favour only if the man gave him his power of immortality in the ring, Jack exclaimed if the ring is destroyed or even damaged or goes with out 10 miles the curse will be bestowed on him FOREVER, The man placed half his Life inside the ring just in case. and the other half lives aboard the Black Pearl as Jack's second mate. currently he is not only found as a member of Jack's crew but his "Evil Side" which is a skeleton can be found on Undead Island hidden within the caves. (This is the same cursed gold of The Black Pearl)

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