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The Lightning Wolf was built by a French sailor of the name Pierr del Ascemtan. The first Captain was Captain Le'le Souff. Over the generations of the Fatbeard family, the rank of Captain was given to Captain John Fatbeard. That's were the Wolf got famous

The Wolf was originally a french ship, but then it was enslaved during the generations by the Spanish

Let no man look up with the sky with hope, let no joyfull voice be heard. And may this day be cursed, by we who call THE LIGHTNING WOLF!!!

-Captain John Fatbeard during the war the of seas

The Crew

Crew of the Wolf
Cannonneers: Jack Olfik Pepe le Arme Jan Leuk Olaf Reyk Gunners: Isiah Battlebones Suef Le Mere Senim O'zok Johnny War

Jean le P.

Edward Warbringer James Elikson John Mudasik
Steerers: Jack the Dead Black James Johnny Wavepratt Gordon Munhi
First Mate: James Alistir

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