Many moons past, the six creators of the EITC met on Raven's Cove, and created the East India Trading Company....

The Story

Lord Samuel Redbeard, El Lord Giratina Origin Frome, Little Phil/Pablo Swordmaster, Lord Davy Menace, Ben Costello, and Nathaniel Scurvyskull met on the island today known as Raven's Cove, and discussed the EITC. It was there that they unveiled the secrets of the EITC, thus, creating it. They vowed upon a key, that the EITC would be led by only the best leaders, and that they must remain in the EITC, even when it fails. It was here that the original EITC Council of the Elders and the EITC itself was created. Each Elder there had one weapon, with which they bound themselves to the EITC. These weapons are a flail, a warspear, a quarterstaff, a greataxe, a repeating crossbow, and two warhammers chained together. If these weapons were ever destroyed, the souls of those Elders, and the EITC would be no more. But one Elder became jealous of the others leadership, and stole the Key of Leadership from him, claiming the EITC as his. he was later destroyed. These six Elders of the EITC are now seen as the Founding Fathers of the player made EITC. There are only a few of the original Council of the Elders that still plays today. Most have either turned pirate, or are offline.

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