The Caribbean Palace is not just a palace, but an entire island! Well, the palace looks like a castle from the outside, but on the inside, it's luxury. Living on the island, is the British Royal Family.


The Caribbean Palace was built by King John Breasly II of England five years after he became king of England. His ship, the HMS Imperial, came across a mountainous deserted island. The only things on the island were two large cellars. One was a dead end, but the other held an etrance into the maze we know as The Labyrinth! John built his mansion upon this mountainous and hideous, and named it the Caribbean Palace. The name was originally a mock of Buckingham Palace, but then John approved of the name. With his building, he made the island wonderful!



The docks are very warm and inviting, a perfect place to spend time. Docked there, are three War Sloops called the Silver Dragon, the Victory Voyager, and the Golden Eagle.

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