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The Capture of the Duchess of Anemois was created by John Breasly.

One early, Saturday morning, October 1743 (2010) the tyrannical Lord Leon sailed his armada to a server under the protection of the Royale Alliance, who were currently in a meeting with the Duchess of Anemois on Ile D'Etable De Porc. Leon's men disembarked the armada and began attacking the guards. In a hurry to join the fight, Robert McRoberts left the Duchess's side with his guild, Viceroyalty Co. John Breasly, Cadet, and Jack Stormwalker alone fought Lord Leon and two of his goons (Benjamin Macmorgan was "conveniently" cleaning his ship at the time). The goons shot Jack Stormwalker and threw smoke grenades to cover their escape. They sailed to Fort Dundee, with John Breasly and Cadet on quick pursuit. Robert McRoberts was heading them off, hiding at the entrance. Unfortunately, he was too late. Cadet, John, and Robert fought their way into the fort, with John yelling "TAKE NO PRISONERS!" When they reached the office, Leon was gone. John Breasly and Cadet rendezvoused with Jack Stormwalker on Antik, while Robert tried to surround Padres by armada (to no avail). John sneaked to the door of the office, and rescued a boy by the name of Mac Webster from the Pirate Brand. Cadet used a glitch to sneak into the office, and we ambushed Leon. They rescued Duchess and captured Kingshead, but unfortunately, Admiral Johnny Goldtimbers discovered them, and they were forced to flee to Vachira. The French won that day, but many good men went down fighting. Many more skirmishes has taken place fighting over the Duchess, but this was the most significant because he nearly succeeded.

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