Slappy was not always so mean and rude, for once he belonged to the richest family in Port Royal.

Part 1 (Age 10)

It was a dark night. Clouds came in, and i heard thunder. Then, i heard footsteps that did not seem familiar. Then, my parents came up to me. "Son, go to your room and close the door and go under your bed!" My father said. "Why? Whats happening"? I responded. "Just do it!" My father said. I did what i was told. Then, those footsteps became louder and heavier. "Your not welcome here!" My mother said loudly to the man. The man responded, but i could not hear. Then, i heard this perfectly. It all happened so fast. "JOHNNY, KILL THEM!" The man said. I heard screaming and the sound of splatter. I slightly looked under the bed. I saw a bright red color. "You two, search in that room for the boy!" The man said. The two minions marched into the room, destroying closets, vases, and drawers. A shadow came over the bed. A head came from the side. Quickly, i slid to the back of the bed into darkness. "He's not here" A minion said. 'Must have gone outside". The man said. All three men walked out of the house and onto the boat. I came out of the bed and saw my parents bodies laying face down, with blood all over them. "No ... NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled. Both of my parents were murdered.

Part 2 (Age 15)

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