The Battle of Brethren Court was fought October 9, 1721, between 4:00 and 5:00 PM. The battle was fought between the forces of the Brethren Court Pirate Lords (the lords that were present at the battle were Jack Swordmenace, Francis Bluehawk, James Warhawk, Francis Shipbreaker, Ian Bone Crusher, and others) and the forces of the EITC (Captain Leon commanded the fleet, and the fleet's Comodore was William Darkvane). The battle had been called for by Pirate Lord Jack Swordmenace and quickly, the entire Francis Brigade, Mandalore Jackals, El Bandidos, and Dark Warlordz guilds were present and ready to fight. The battle was planned so that each pirate lord present would command a ship and his men would man the cannons. This however was not possible since the EITC were only on two ships for the majority of the fight, and so Pirate Lord Swordmenace was unable to launch his warship, and instead accompanied Francis Bluehawk.

At the start of the battle, the EITC had initially not shown, but after some time they arrived, and the battle began. It was absolute chaos. Hundreds of cannons fired and wood splinters flew everywhere. In the end, the Black Mercenary (Francis Brigade Ship) prevailed against several EITC ships and assisted Pirate Lord Warhawk's ship.

The ships that fought in the battle were..


  1. Black Nemesis
  2. Black Mercenary
  3. Various pirate vessels


  1. Crimson Defender (Flagship)
  2. Blue Brig (Francis Brigade Traitor ship)
  3. Various other smaller corvette class ships (mostly decoys)



  1. Pirate Lord Jack Swordmenace - Commander of Pirate forces for the battle
  1. Pirate Lord Francis Bluehawk - Captain of Black Mercenary
  1. Pirate Lord Francis Shipbreaker
  1. Pirate Lord James Warhawk - Captain of Black Nemesis
  1. Pirate Lord Ian Bone Crusher - Commander of search party on Avaracia


  1. Captain Leon - Commander of EITC forces
  2. Comodore William Darkvane - Commander of Naval Forces
  3. Lawrence Helmbain- Captain
  4. John Macbatten - Commander of forces on ground on Avaracia

In the end, the battle was won by the pirates as the entire EITC fleet lay in ruins, with Leon and the other EITC officials barely making their way off the Crimson Defender in the only life boat, while it was blown to pieces by the Black Nemesis and Black Mercenary (similar to what happened to Beckett's ship in POTC At World's End). They managed to make shore, and hid themselves on the island. The first to be found was John Macbatten, who immediately surrendered after soiling himself. (xD)

Will post more later.

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