The Battle at Tortuga took place at Tortuga on Abassa server on January 16 from 2:00-3:00 PM. Several EITC Officers such as Samuel Redbeard, Pablo Swordmaster, John Warsmythe, Jordan, Johnny Goldtimbers, Usman, and MANY other stood in a line, glaring at the pirates. Almost all the pirates came to them and demanded they fight. Samuel Redbeard, the organizer of this event, created a large crew and took on the Pirates. There were several PvP's, all of which were in favor of the EITC. Over 15 EITC Soldiers were in that line, and now the Pirates shall know of the EITC's new born power. They stood in a huge line for over an hour intimidating the Pirates, and you would not believe how many people were in the first PvP. In the last PvP, many EITC crashed, causing the line to grow short, because many left. Some people, such as Johnny Goldtimbers, said that Leon would have never done such a thing, because he wasn't as intimidating. And coincidentally, after all this happened, there was an EITC Treasure Fleet, and many Pirates there went t ogo sink it, in hopes that this retaliation would scare the EITC. it all started when Samuel Redbeard and Pablo Swordmaster were glaring next to eachother. Then several others came in, and did the same thing. eventually the line grew to about 15-20 people, and banter was thrown everywhere, eventually leading to PvP.

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