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Fort Charles today. A sickly reminder of the battle the waged on throughout all the Caribbean.

The Battle at Fort Charles is perhaps one of the most famous battles of the Great War between Lord Samuel Redbeard and Captain Leon. It happened in late July of 1721 (2010) and lasted over an hour. The forces of Samuel Redbeard and Captain Leon where fighting all over the place, and there was no mercy. Captain Leon ordered the attack on Samuel, but he knew it was coming. He also ordered the attack, and called in many allies to help. They fought back the forces of Leon for an hour, and Leon, realizing he could not win this, finally retreated. And to this day, fort Charles of Vachira server will be forever scarred of this bloody battle, and of the war which rages on in the Caribbean. At one point during the bloodshed, Samuel sent a Killing Curse hurling towards Leon, that would've killed, if not fatally wounded him. But one of Leons faithful, a John Stormshot, took the curse for him.

Before the battle started, the original setup was a public hanging of dozens of pirates, many of whom were friends of Francis Bluehawk, Jack Swordmenace, and Nate Raidhawk. Oddly enough, Jack Swordmenace and Nate Raidhawk happened to be near the fort, porting at the docks and heard the cries of dozens of pirates, all singing the same song: Hoist the Colours. When the pirates checked the scene they found Captain Leon and other EITC about to hang several pirates at the noose in Fort Charles. Jack, Francis and Nate rallied the pirates, and together they rebelled against Leon. Gunshots were fired and Swordmenace was even stabbed in the chest by Jeremiah Dampswain, who at the time worked for Leon (You will often hear Jack making jokes about Jeremiah's weakness, as the sword got stuck and thus didn't kill Jack). The skirmish ended in the deaths of several EITC, many wounded, and two missing pirates, and is often regarded as the restart of the Pirate-EITC war, the new conflict now referred to as the 2nd 'Brethren Court War' (not to be confused with The 2nd Brethren Court itself).

All of the above events are true (This actually did happen, and in July: I was waiting for someone to post this.)

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