Long ago, the three Gods of time met eachother and made amulets of their ability. Whoever possessed the Amulets would have an ability like no other. They also created the underwater realm of Celestia, and stored the Astral Magick within it. Soon after this, though, many wars broke out, as forces from all over began wars for the Amulets and the Celestian Magicks. The Magicks was of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Anybody who mastered them all, became a god in themselves, able to destroy the universe. Nobody knows where the Amulets are hidden, but to this day, many people still attempt to find them, and scars of the war are still waging on, and the Piscean Guard attempts to find the Amulets, and return them to their master.

Ptolemos (Moon) Toll-emm-os

Amulet identified as 3 moons with faces.

Location unknown (like the others)

Mithyra (Sun) Myth-a-ra

Amulet identified as 3 suns with smiles.

Astraeus (Star) Ast-Ray-Us

Amulet identified as 5 stars with no markings.

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