The Sea Battle of Ash island

The sea battle was breaking through a giant smoke clan blockade called The Grand Smoke Navy Blockade. When our ships saw how many smoke clan ships there were we laughed partly because we had 5 fully armed armadas worth of ships they wouldn't stand a chance, or so we thought......when we used first broadside a few of there ships sunk but then we were in for the fight of our lives. Explosive broadsides were actually sinking our ships in minutes. Then, the captain yelled " READY THE DOOM AMMO " then i knew that they would be crushed in full when we fired the doom cannons. They laughed at how they thought it was a round shot broadside but when they hit the smoke clan ships sunk to Davy Jones locker. When a doom shot hits the cannon ball, it combusts then a fiery storm erupts and a black smoke cloud covers the ship and everyone aboard dies of the toxic black smoke then the last ship fell. Sven Daggerbones yelled " Prepare for ground assault show no mercy and leave no outpost standing " smoke clan was coming to a end.

Capturing the docks

Our primary objective was to capture the dock fort before their load of powder kegs reaches them.To make this quick and easy we used doom shot gun ammo and brought cannons ashore and used doom shot cannon ammo. Then the fort quickly fell, so we took control and then powder keg wagons were about to collide with the fort so we sniped the barrels on the wagons before they could touch the fort then the docks and the dock fort was ours.

Ground Assault

We marched passed the down fort onward and no sign of enemy until a AMBUSH smoke clan were charging out of bushes. We shot them and slashed them into pieces. At last we won. Then we carried on marching.

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