Johnathan Juryrig : ' This is an alliance of EITC Guilds, that does NOT have a leader. Many claim they own all EITC, such as Captain Leon, Benjamin Macmorgan, and Cad Bane. But when we elect a leader, that will be no more! '

Guild Userbox ImageEITC The Alliance of EITC Guilds is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

The Alliance of EITC Guilds is an alliance, with iconic EITC guilds such as, The Co. Elites, Elites of the Co., Elite Co. Army, and more EITC Guilds.


( There will be 8 leaders. No more, no less. ) ( You MUST be in an EITC Guild to join )


Regular members.

  • All Elite Co. Army members.
  • All Elites of Co. members
  • All The Ranger Family's members.
  • All Admirals Game members

( If you would like to join, please post your name above.

black officers

Representatives ( There can be more than one representative of a certain Guild )

Name Guild you represent

  • Matthew Blastshot- Co.United
  • Lieutenant Hector Blastrage - Admirals Game
  • Lord Johnny Goldtimbers - British Black Guard

( If you would like to represent your guild, post your name above. Then post the guild you represent. )

Guilds in the alliance.

  • The Ranger Familly

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