The Start of the Akatsuki was when Sven Daggerbones created this guild for secret purposes. NOTE : IT IS UNKNOWN IF SVEN DAGGERBONES ACTUALLY CREATED IT. Note : Sven has not even told his members why he created it or what he created it for. The Akatsuki are very elite and dangerous approach with caution here are some of the elite members.

  • Shadow lvl 50 (bodyguard and supreme commander)
  • Perl lvl 50 (recruiter and is very mysterious)
  • Scourge lvl 30 (Sven's Gf and general)
  • Robert Treasurekidd lvl 30 (bodyguard and sergent)
  • Jack Righound lvl 30 (bodyguard and major)
  • Edgar Gunmalley lvl 45 (4 star major)
  • Johnny Ironwrecker lvl 28 (Sergeant)
  • A bunch of low lvl noobs I guilded for no reason idk why I did.

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