A view of the Abyss in its most shallow part

The Abyss05:12

The Abyss

The Abysss (Abyss. abyss.abyss)

The Abyss is the deepest, darkest part of any water mass. Many strange and deadly creatures lurk at the bottom. It is accessed by a trench in Wicked Thicket. It goes down about 25 Miles until it reaches the water.


Around 5,000 miles

26,400,000 Feet ( I think )



Titanic Squid

Huge Octopus

Giant Anglerfish

Colossal Anglerfish

Ugly Anglerfish

Hardened Anglerfish

Colossal Whale

Huge Squid

Purple Squid

Glowing Squid


The Abyss is said to be where the remains of Atlantis sit.

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