Terror is an Undead Reaper Boss that protects the Isla Inferno mines. He guards these mines making sure that nobody takes the loot skull chest filled with legendary, famed and gold. He keeps his victims in these mines to look for weapons and gold. It's a task that he takes with pride. He like his victims never ending pain trying to escape his mines. He is a lv 55 Undead Reaper boss. He leaves the mines but leaves other Undead Reapers in charge to make sure nobody escapes or if they try the joy of joining the Undead Reapers.


He drops loot skull chest containing famed and cursed weapons.

Locations Found...

He can only be found on Isla Inferno mines. He sometimes goes into The Woods... at night to torture the other undead reapers that don't follow his orders.

Other Info

Isla Inferno Template Terror is a/an/the Undead Reaper Boss on Isla Inferno!
328px-Grim reaper-1--1- (43x55) Terror is an Undead Reaper
Terror (44x55) Terror is a deadly, dangerous and evil Undead Reaper Boss!!

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