The Takanuva is a legendary warrior, who guards the spirit world, has many voodoo powers, wields the Light Sword, and is chosen only by the current Voodoo Goddess

The First Takanuva

The first of these warriors was a man named Ami Maori. He was powerful in the ways of voodoo, and lived on Cuba. He was an apprentice of Min Guyia, the current Voodoo Goddess. When she choose him, he was at first a good man, and carried out his duties with honor, respect, and justice. But one day, Ami was lured to the dark side of voodoo, and turned on Min. He killed her with his Light Sword, and released all the spirits from the spirit realm, including the underworld.....

Ami was finally killed by none other than Calypso herself, but before he died he cursed his already magical sword.......

The Second Takanuva

After Calypso was put into her human bonds, she became Tia Dalma, the Voodoo Goddess. She knows that she must pick a warrior who won't be corrupted by evil, or else the world may fall. She has been watching several of her most powerful Voodoo Learners. Here are their names.

Sandra Tew




Romany Bev

and finally, James Warhawk

Tia has yet to choose who the Takanuva may be, but the fate of our world, and the spirit world, lies in their hands.....

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