Snake broadsword

sword of the purgatorium.

Sword of the purgatorium, not to be mistaken by the purgatorium from star ocean: First Departure, is a blade hidden in a treasure chest 200,000,000 years ago by the lord of chratze (The island of despel's core) whatsoever, it can be obtained by the pirate, but requires him/her to be a master swordsman/girl.


Once chratze was defeated,45 years later inferno's hideout was finished, they discovered a mysterious black blade in a chest sealed insisde the the iceberg of darkness. That's when it was robbed, but when the robber died, his son kept it in a loot pouch. However...

Sword Discovered By a Rune

After the death of his son, a young rune called marsha crept into the hideout, and found chratze's son's house but with it, the sword of the purgatorium. She used a time gate her mother built to send it to our time. that's how the sword of the purgatorium became a legend.

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