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as everyone knows we can only defeat foulberto smasho with about ten to twenty people or more to defeat foulberto smasho though i bet if us francis brigade people group up in exuma to defeat him we will win easy. if we can all use our best weapons (mainly famed and legendary) them we should be able to defeat him easy and we will get famed and legendary daggers easy. when we come across eitc guild we should all call all francis brigade people for back up and if they give info out remember it and tell it to all francis brigade ppl that werent online in the time we found them.

lets look for tips and such things and share them about with all francis brigade people and we we be unstopable when fighting jolly roger and his fellow enemys

hopefully we will be able to repair ravens cove and make it a royal country like it was before the big invasion at least crazy ned survived the invasion though if they launch another at ravens cove we need to defend ravens cove!...

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