Sven DaggerBones was born in the year 1669. Sven and his best friend Peter Coalvane were both in the Veteran Fighters guild. They went on many missions for Geoffry Pillerage. Isaiah Gunshot was the surviver of the Veteran purge and disorder by Jack BridgeCash. After that he made a guild called " Veteran Armys " . Sven DaggerBones has a very exiting tale he is very witty and humorous and makes his plans up as he goes along. So read the story below.

Early life


Sven went to a Navy Academt with his best friend Peter Coalvane. Peter was a musket and pistol man while I was a pistol and bayonet man. But were both good sharp shooters. Peter was able to fire and reloade a mustket in 1.0 seconds. While Sven could fire a bayonet as long as 5.5 feet and made his own gun that could fire 75. 9 yards long. He and Peter made some good friends like Dylan Chandler ( also known as Mr. Pancake ) and even Francis Bluehawk tho that is how they met.Also they met Jack ironhawk .P.S if you know sven you welcome to put anything about my player. :D -_- - .- :( :) ok .Here are some me friends . Isaiah GunShot ,Sarah Charlotte SeaEagle ,Johnah GoldrRage ( sry if spelled wrong ) and DeathEaters Elite.

Tools and Weapons of Sven

Some Svens many useful tools

Adamantine God Seal Arm Bracers

- used for containing svens strength, if he takes off all of thm on his body he gains 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times the strength of his original self

Reaper Scythe - one touch and severes soul from your body

Black Cherry Blossom ( sword ) - this sword has tons of variety attacks ( see bellow for the attacks )

  1. Stage 1 it has 10000000 scattered cherry blossoms and with them he can slice threw anything and also they can form 10000000 blades ( one blade per blossom )
  2. Stage 2 the sword turns into 1000000000000 cherry blossoms with the same effects of the first but much much faster
  3. Stage 3 one slice can make a crator the size of kingshead
  4. Stage 4 unknown said to be powerful

Stage 5 Unknown said to be powerful

Many other powered swords

Awakening the Titans, Fall of hades , and the start of a War

Ebon the Nightmare god ( king, or known as Sven ) traveled to Tartarus and unleashed Kronos and a army of monsters, He freed Promethius from being devoured by a eagle , then he summoned Oceanus titan of the sea then summoned a army of nightmares. Next he found Hyperion and Krios and as his las awakening of force he awakened Gaea ( Gaia ) Mother earth. Then he fought hades and Drained all his power

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