The Status Pontificus or the Papal States, is a theocracy in Central Italy, led by the Bishop of Rome, otherwise known as the Pope. Included in this Domain is Latium, Bologna, Ferrara, Umbria, Comtant Venssian (Avingnon),Beneveto and Pontecorvo.

442px-Emblem of the Papacy SE.svg-1-

Papal Stats Coat of Arms


Papal Lands 1725 Anno Domini

Head of State

The head of the Papal States is the Bishop of Rome, commonly refereed to as the Pope (derived from the Latin word Pappas or "Father") in the Catholic community. The Pope is both a spiritual and political leader, leading the souls of millions and leading his armies into battle. The current head is His Holiness Pope Benedict IV who was elected by the College of Cardinals on May 29, 1724 Anno Domini.

Allies of the Papal State

Catholic Nations and Orthodox Nations in communion with the Catholic Church tend to side with the Pope, and support his independence

  • Kingdom of France
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • Knights St. John
  • Grand Duchy of Poland-Lithuania
  • Electorate of Bavaria
  • Republic of Venice
  • Republic of Genoa
  • Kingdom of Naples
  • Kingdom of Sicily
  • Austrian Empire
  • Duchy of Parma
  • Duchy of Mondena
  • Kingdom of Savoy
  • Republic of Ragusa
  • Archbishopric of Trent
  • Republic of Lucca
  • Electorate of Baden
  • Grand Duchy of Tuscany
  • Electorate of Westphalia
  • Electorate of Bavaria
  • Electorate of Württemberg
  • Electorate of Saxony
  • Tzardom of Russia
  • Courland
  • Jacobite Claimants to the English Throne (In exile in France, occasional control of Ireland and Scotland)

Enemies of the Papal States

Those in opposition to the Pope, Both Christian and Non-Christian wait for the day when the Papal States are disestablished. Fortunately for the Pope, his Catholic allies will fight to prevent that.

  • Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Electorate of Hanover
  • United Provinces of the Netherlands
  • Shodundom of Japan
  • Qing Dynasty of China
  • Electorate of Prussia-Brandenburg
  • Kingdom of Denmark-Norway
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Mughal Empire
  • Mathra Confederacy
  • Revolutionary France
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Algeris
  • Tripoli
  • Tunis
  • Thailand
  • Grand Duchy of Luxemborg

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