• Guilds: New Brood

Spartans Savvy


New Brood

P E A C E Keepers

United Empire


Is Minty Fresh

Team Blackout

Owns Everyone

  • Mostly used weapons: Nautilus Blade, Privateer Cutlass, Tiger shark Cutlass, War Dagger, Siege Charge, War Scattergun, Buccaneers Blunderbuss.

  • Stats: Cannons Lvl 22

Sailing Lvl 20

Swords: Lvl 30

Shooting: Lvl 30

Dagger: Lvl 30

Grenades: Lvl 26

Staff: Lvl 23

Potions: 8

Fishing: 6

O ik him if u see this solo its francis lol
Haha what up francis
nothin i just started coming on yesterday its 12/30/10 come on potco.

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