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NOTE: Snaaper is now in O U T L A W S, all the information below may be false or archived.

INFERNO Lord Snaaper

  • INFERNO Lord Snaaper is a super buff pirate
  • He is a good fighter in wars.
  • He's the most fighting man in INFERNO
  • He also has another player named James O'Fury
  • He has 20 cursed sword 1 legendary dagger

He almost killed Captain Leon but: got shot, a grenade hit him and went flying a

Inferno dude

Picture of an inferno member lord

ll the way to other side of Outcast Isle, came back, Captain Leon escaped

  • In real life, Snaaper's Player has been robbed in his house. It happened today but he brought them to the police out cold he was gonna give his eels food XD! But instead it was jail.
  • In INFERNO, Snaaper is a lord. He owns Devils Anvil
  • He has guards and wants to destroy the Demon Empire led by Captain Kwager. He has the INFERNO army and INFERNO sharpshooters but Snaaper only wants to take down Demon Empire for trading him.
  • Snaaper sent a spy into Demon Empire

Lord Snaaper is a fighting lord who does his best to protect INFERNO, if he sees someone who doesn't like INFERNO they are in trouble. Lord Snaaper will beat them up all the way to the center of Earth and beat them up more! He does anything to protect INFERNO and he does everything he can for them. Snaaper invited 38 peeps to the guild. Snaaper is a good fighter and has defeated a level 50 by himself while the other person on his team defeated a 48. Snaaper was a level 48 when he defeated the level 50.

  • NOTE: Snaaper is a Lord and I will have a picture of a Lord in the picture placeholder thing of a Lord. It won't be a picture of Snaaper but you can see the real Snaaper in the game; Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

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