The Skysail Shark is built from the the last remains of the sunken Wicked Wrath since it was one of the Wrath's Light Sloops. Matthew Sternrage sails it as his temporary Sleek Ship and sail it over the resting site of the wreck. The Shark was originally a longboat but after the sinking, the longboat was given modifications to be a Light sloop. It was currently under the flag of Savvys Elite. The ship was traded off for keeping the Fighting Executioner maintained.
Sail wind catcher Skysail Shark is a Light Sloop!
Skysail Shark


Modified Light Sloop

Replacement for

Wicked Wrath

Capacity for Crew


Top Speed

21 Knots (Ramming Speed)


Matthew Sternrage

Guild Operator

Savvys Elite


Screenshot 2010-12-04 13-43-02

Matthew and the Skysail Shark

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