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  • Simon Treasurehawk is the main pirate of none other than, Simon Treasurehawk

Simon Treasurehawk

  • Notoriety Level: 50
  • Game Age: 26
  • Birth: Tuesday March 14, 1695; Madrid, Spain
  • Current Guild: Maurader's Militia, Scoundrel's Army
  • Rank: Guildmaster, Manager
  • Signature Weapon: Dagger of the Bear Idol


Weapon Skills

  • Sailing- Level 30
  • Cannon- Level 30
  • Sword - Level 30
  • Gun - Level 30
  • Doll - Level 30
  • Dagger - Level 30
  • Grenade - 30
  • Staff - Level 30
  • Fishing - 20
  • Potions - 18


  1. Seven Seas Cutlass (Thrall Room, Isla Tormenta)
  2. Grand Blunderbuss (Outcast Isle)
  3. Sacred Musket (Thrall Room, Isla Tormenta)
  4. Corsair's Cutlass (General Darkhart)
  5. Scoundrel's Pistol (Thrall Room, Isla Tormenta)
  6. Bloodfire Cutlass (Neban the Silent)
  7. Full Moon Special Repeater (Neban the Silent)
  8. Bejeweled Cutlass (General Darkhart)
  9. Revanent Doll (General Darkhart)
  10. Bush Master's Pistol (Sailing)
  11. Lucky Charm (General Darkhart)
  12. Nautilus Blade (Raven's Cove Story Quest)
  13. Scoundrel's Knives (General Darkhart)
  14. Traitor's Dagger (General Hex)
  15. Scoundrel's Knives (Foulberto Smasho)
  16. Bejewled Cutlass (General Darkhart)
  17. Seven Seas Cutlass (General Darkhart)
  18. Revanent Doll (General Darkhart)
  19. Viper's Den Knives (Foulberto Smasho)


  • Assassination
  • Death from above!
  • Air Assualt
  • French Ball = No dancing
  • Mossy Moses!
  • Me and Robert



  • Highest Pvp score alone: 8-4
  • Highest Pvp score with guild: 17-2
  • Highest Svs streak: 13
  • Highest Svs Score: 2362
  • Most damage dealt with weapon: 12009 (Grand Blunderbuss, Steal Shot, Foulberto)
  • Most damage dealt with cannon: 5564 (Explosive on French Svs Ship)
  • Strongest Weapon Found: Grand Blunderbuss
  • Rarest Weapon Found: Traitor's Dagger
  • Most Rep Earned (Besides Invasion): 225 (Darkhart, using several weapons, I was level 25, with help of a guildmember)

Appearences in Stories

The Adventures of Capt. Skull X

The Chronicles of John Breasly: Book One

The Life & History of Simon Treasurehawk: Book Uno

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