Silvurfist Dagger

Silvurfist's Blades

Silvurfist's Blades are a set of throwing knives made by Erik Silverfist shortly after he made the Sword of Valor. They were used to attack multiple villages in what is today, France and Germany.

When Erik died, the blades were thought to be lost forever.

On an expedition to Egypt, several Navy members came across an unsealed grave. They entered it to find many treasures, including a set of throwing knives. The knives were placed in the Royal Museum for a time. When John Breasly returned from the Caribbean, enlightened in weapon knowledge, he added the sword to his personal arsenal.


Type/Rarity Legendary Viking Knives
Attack N/A 90
Resale Value N/A 1,000,000,000 gold
Boomerang (Weapon skill) Rank 3 Throw your dagger and hit many enemies in an arch
Ravens (Weapon Skill) Rank 5 Summon ravens to attack your enemies
Tracking (Passive skill) +10 100% accuracy
Use N/A Dagger level 27

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