Shadow Eclipses is a nice, laid back guild commanded by Captain Tim. Captain Tim has ranks of Seinor Officer and Co.GM also used by guilds such as Ocean Gods and Ocean Gods 2.


Guildmaster : Captain Tim Lvl 50

Co GM : None

Senior Officers: Swashbuckler Lvl 11( Is now in Shadow Sorcerers), Maggie Lvl 8, Lvl 6 Lightning


1. No hackers 2. Be nice 3. NO drama 4. Lvl 5 = Veteran 5. Lvl 10 = Officer 6. 1-4 member

Theme Song

Their theme song is Lead Me.


Note: They aren't a very big guild.

Note: They were at first commanded by Jack Seablade but then he quit and made Raidrage GM

Note: Jack Seablade was obessed with Ocean Gods

Note: Raidrage is now in the Pirates Online Players Wiki guild.

Note: This guild was deleted, Captain Tim left and is now in True Few.

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