ShadowClan is a guild made by Curycoo on 10-10-10.

Guild Userbox ImagePirate ShadowClan is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


ShadowClan Currently has 41 members.

Pick Your Path

SYSTEM OF A DOWN (SOAD) - Aerials Lyrics03:55

SYSTEM OF A DOWN (SOAD) - Aerials Lyrics



  • Leon Wildmorris - 38 Moons

Medicine Cat


Aprentice: Dawnpaw - 6 Moons

  • Anaststia Keigwin(WindFur) - 33 Moons
  • Leon Wildmorris(WildPelt) - 38 Moons


  • Dawnpaw - 6 Moons


  • Jack Fireskull(SkullKit) - 3 Moons
  • David Ropegull(GullKit - 1 Moon
  • Jack(JayKit) - 1 Moon
  • Pirate1 - 1 Moon
  • Chris Lockwallace(WallKit) - 2 Moons
  • Matthew Bladeslipper(SlipKit) - 1 Moon
  • Samuel Fireskull(FireKit) - 1 Moon
  • Roger Warskull(WarKit) - 2 Moons

Other known Members(? Moons)

  • Peter Cabincutter
  • Buccaneer1
  • Matthew
  • Will Ironrage

Use the code CUEW6778 to join!

Meeting Places

Sundrown Place - End of docks, port royal

MoonPool - Thrall Pool on tormenta

MoonStone - Any wild island other than devils anvil

Fourtrees - Technically four islands, outcast

The Island - Curycoo's War frigate

Camp - rats nest, up where the boss is

Snakerocks - TBA

Sunningrocks - TBA


These are clans that shadow clan is an ally with.


  • October 16, 1721:

A pirates known as Buccaneer has been caught with trechery. She is currently in a guild called Raw is War. Be on the lookout, and report any sightings. She is known to be friends with Snow Star, a pirate currently residing in Cinder Clan.


  • ShadowClan fight with ArchClan
  • Anastatia Keigwin(PreClan)
  • Leon Wildmorris Card
  • Leon Wildmorris
  • Curycoo Going into a rage for the fight with ArchClan
  • Curycoo Fighting Without Weapons Against ArchClan in Jail
  • Deathblow To ArchClan Leader
  • Curycoo Knocking Down Many ArchClan Members(Just Before Final Fight)

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