Sector 4

Sector 4 before the destruction.

EliteSharpShooters. Jared

Sector 4 when Sharpshooters still guarded it.

EliteSharpShooters battling a skeleton boss

Commander Will Goldvane and, General Sandpsine fighting over Sector 4.

EliteSharpShooters Patroling old fort

A Sharpshooter before the destruction of Sector 4.

A farmers broken House

A farmer's Broken House.

Sector 4 is a base that was owned by the EliteSharpShooters, however it was taken over by the Undead.

The admiral commanding this base was Admiral Yurlean, until it was taken over.

It was built in a friendly jungle, many un-violent creatures lived there, until Jolly Roger owned it. It had farms, towns, villages, forts, houses..... but then nothing..... a sad story, yes.

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