Sea Runner
Sea Runner-Al Nadda

Sea Runner- "Al Nadda"


Lawrence's private yacht, the Sea Runner is a light sloop and can get him across the Caribbean in no time flat. It's the only ship in his fleet that isn't involved in plundering. One night, a terrible storm had forced the ship into the Mediterranian Sea near Istanbul and scuttled on the peir. Having enough money at the time, he bought out an old Ottoman galley recently converted to a war sloop and sailed off in it the very same day.

Statistics: Light

Crew: 1 or 3

Built: 1746, Padres Shipping Co., Padres del Fuego

Speed: 12-14 knots

Arms: 6 x 4 pound cannons

Fate: Constantly sold and bought

Statistics: "Al Nadda" War

Crew: 1-9

Built: 1511, Constantinople Shipyards. Refurbished 1743 for ocean travel.

Speed: 10-12 knots

Arms: 16 x 12 pound Ottoman cannons

Fate: unknown

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