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Señor de Muerte has reached Japan. The entry log of a Japanese Samurai goes as follows

Entry Log 1

He came, with his men. They had little sticks, with which they threw fire balls and colored whisps that could instantly kill men! They killed my brother, Horitako, and came for me. "No, Natek!" My wife said. But I approached the man. He struck me down, and continued foward. It wasn't until I looked that I saw where he was headed. He was headed for the Jade Palace, where our Emperor Yoshihito rested. The Samurai were failing to stop him. "Ika Tha Nke Rius Zanka Tdaterius." he shouted. 15 Undead creatures rose from the ground. "Why don't you just submit to my power!?" The man said. We had no clue who he was, but he had to be stopped before he slaughtered our beloved Jade Palace. He struck down 5 men at once, and continued toward the palace. I got up, and charged him. He instantly pulled a gleaming blade, made of several materials, and we engaged. Blade hit blade, and sparks flew everywhere. He eventually downed me, and walked into the Jade Palace. He killed all the guards with his tiny stick, with a green whisp. He then approached the emperor. "Yoshihito, where is the Key?" He said. "Never would I tell you." Announced our emperor. "Really? This ought to losen your tongue. CRUCIO!" Our emperor writhed in pain, and then the man stopped whatever he was doing. WHERE is the KEY!?" He demanded. "The... chest." Our emperor seemed weak. They layed him upon his bed. "Until the Key is in my hands, you will remain where you lay." He placed our emperor in a trance, and, with a few chests, one of which contained the Key, he left Japan, leaving our village in a disastrous mess.

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