Recently, Señor de Muerte has been seen around the Caribbean. He has returned from Japan, but it is unknown if his current intention with the Key are good or bad. He is a LvL 3 with skills only at LvL 4 for his cannon, LvL 3 for sailing and for sword, but that is more of a cover-up. His real level is ???. He has been seen hanging around Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard, and his followers. When you meet him, do not insult him, it may just be the last thing you do. What wonders does this "Lord of Death" have to bring to the Caribbean, and are they good or bad? Only time tells.

Fort Charles Sightings

Shortly after the Royal Navy Ball, Señor de Muerte appeared. Samuel Redbeard had been seen fleeing from the scene as raiders attacked moments before. Seconds later, Señor de Muerte entered the fort. He joined the fight against the pirates, bringing down two pirates immediately. Just before the battle ended, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving the defenders baffled as to who the aid was.

Random Sightings

Recently, Johnny Goldtimbers of the EITC has been attracting Señor de Muerte. He is rarely online, and has recently mentioned a friend by the name of Kr_ _'_ _ _ _ The Wo_ _d Ea_ e _. He seems to only hang around Goldtimbers, making him more mysterious. Señor de Muerte mentioned that a new type of weapon will be arriving in the Caribbean. de Muerte already owns one himself, the Darkblade of Death. It is unknown what weapons these are, and how de Muerte got word of them. People claim to see a man shrouded by fog and fire at the docks of Port Royal at night walking towards the graveyard, completely shrouded by fog. He goes to the graveyard, hols out his hands, and a pink spell pours from his hands into the graves. Nobody knows what dark magic this is.

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