Señor de Muerte is, according to the Spanish, a vile and cruel person. He visited Spain and was given that name, which means Lord of Death after he ravaged Madrid. This is the story as accounted by a Spaniard.

Señor de Muerte from a distance on a dark, misty night.

The Story of Señor de Muerte

He came to us, demanding we tell him where it is. None of us knew what he was talking about. He demanded a key, and with the tone of his voice, it sounded like his life was at stake. He kept asking and killing should somebody deny knowing where it was. But, he did not give up. The citizens of Madrid, Spain called him Señor de Muerte. He needed this item badly, and he found a person, Ernesto Cortes, he knew what he was talking about, but denied to tell him its location. He told Ernesto that he would kill his family if he did not tell him where it was. Ernesto kept denying him the location of the key, and so he killed them all. He then approached the King of Spain. "WHERE IS THE KEY!!??" he demanded. The king refused to tell him, and the citizens watched in fright, as he hit their king. The king continued to deny him the location of the key, and Señor de Muerte grew impatient. The king offered him a room of gold to save his life, and de Muerte accepted. He ordered his men to take all the gold. He then put the king in a trance, and destroyed Madrid. He then left, and headed to Japan, as that would seem like a likely place for the key to be hidden. The people of Spain would always remember Señor de Muerte, or, as the "fair skinned men" called him, Samuel Redbeard. 


This is a record of Señor De Muerte's sightings.

  1. Spain—See story above!
  2. Japan—See Señor de Muerte Strikes Again
  3. Fort Charles—Story awaiting to be written.