The Savage Serpent

Screenshot 2011-02-12 09-19-25

The Marines swing back on board the Savage Serpent

The Savage Serpent is a mighty ship. Being a War Galleon it has exceptionaly strong hulls. It also has a massive rack of 12 broadsides! This ship is good for taking a large plunder with her. The Savage Serpent has taken down War Frigates with one pass of it broadsides, and a couple shots of fury from the crew. Don't get in its way either, or it'll just simply run... you.... over....

Owner- Capt. Skull X


Hull - 11880

Speed - 10000

Shipmates- 10

Cargo - 22

Broadsides - 24

Cannons - 10

EITC Kills - 0

British Kills- 0

Undead Kills - 0


  • Level 1 Cargo Upgrade

NOTE: the kill counter for this ship was started on December 16, 2011

The History of the Savage Serpent

The Savage Serpent was the first War Ship created for Capt. Skull, back in March 2009. Not much is known about the old history of this ship, except it has sunken a ton of Britsh, EITC, and Undead ships. On December 15, 2011, the Savage Serpent went under construction at the island of Cuba, and for a large load of coins, had
Screenshot 2011-12-15 16-58-14

The upgraded Savage Serpent

its cargo space upgraded, from 18 cargo spaces, to 22 cargo spaces. It also had custom made sails, that were a dark yellow of color, and had a serpent on them.

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