The Royale Knight Co is a corporation of Knights dedicated to chivalry and the Royale Alliance
Cannonhawk Guild Flag

Old Royale Knight Co. Flag

. The flag below is the current flag of the Cannonhawk Guild, donated from the Royale Knights, when they began to merge with Viceroyalty Co. The current guildmaster is Nicholas de Salisbury, and the current co-guildmaster is Royal Knight.


The history of the Royale Knights is not a kind one. They were first called East India Army, granted a charter by William O'roberts. After East India Republic was reported, everyone renamed their guilds. They became, Royale Empire Co. (East India Republic), Viceroyalty Co. (East India Empire), and Royal Kingdom, (East India Army). After a civil war between Viceroyalty Co. and Royal Kingdom, Royal Kingdom was nearly demolished and began to dissipate. But John Breasly didn't give up. He renamed the guild the Royale Guard Co, guarding Royale Alliance with it's life. After Pearson Wright reported the name, they became Royale Knight Co (the other choice was Royale Paladin Co.) After several recruitment spikes, Royale Knight Co gained 300 members. After a large battle, the guild lost half of it's members, going down to 150 members. After merging partially with the guild Army of Rogues, the Royale Knight Co began to dissipate once more. Leadership was handed over to Assassin and John Breasly joined Viceroyalty Co., along with it's officers. After several arguments, the leadership was given to Nicholas De Salisbury, and recruitment has raised.



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