Sector 4

Royale Cove, before the attack

Royale Cove was once a great bustling city, deep within the Tortuga Jungle. It held the Command Post of the Office of Royal Intelligence, and also the HQ to the Commander of British Armed Forces in the Caribbean, which Lord Macmorgan holds. But then, Jolly Roger struck the town with a lethal blow, and it now lies in ruins. Macmorgan and his men then moved their location to Fort Charles, but Royale Cove is know the meeting site of the British Parliament.

Before the Massacre

Built in 1705, Royale Cove was founded by Lord Benjamin Macmorgan III, and it was made invincible. Daily, the townsfolk could walk in the garden, watch the beautiful view of the waterfall, or even explore into the lovely town center. Many powerful figures also resided in Royale Cove, including the Governor of Tortuga.

Lord Macmorgan also appointed his best general, General Sandspine, in command of the Cove. Sandspine did his job well, but was easily influenced by Jolly on many occasions.

The town was guarded by 150 Royal Army troops, and 45 EITC Hired-Guns. It was the safest town on Tortuga, and even the pirates didn't attack it, for Royale Cove held a sacred Church, which held a large crowd of followers. One such follower was the brother of Jack Swordmenace, John Swordmenace, who was a very faithful man who believed that Royale Cove was protected by the armies of God himself. But he would soon meet his fate along with so many others...

But then, Sandspine was contacted by Jolly, who asked him for the location of the town, in return for a rank as General in the undead army......

Then, Sandspine did so, and Jolly soon took this advantage.....

The Massacre

Soon after, Sandspine was turned into an undead monster. Then, Jolly issued the attack. The entire village was burned by the skeletons, and the guards were slaughtered. But Jolly showed no mercy to the innocent townsfolk, and killed everyone. Somehow, Ben Macmorgan was able to escape in the violence.

After the bloody massacre, Jolly and his undead brutes killed off the rest of the survivors, and also brutaly stabbed the livestock. Royale Cove was no more..... The church, which once was a symbol of pride and glory, was now gone, and all the men, women, and children, were dead.....

A farmers broken House

The ruins of Royale Cove's Church.Taken by CaptainGoldvane2

Ever since, the undead has ruled the town, and use it as a ritual site, usually were executions take place, including Billy Snoopensnob himself....

British Parliament

But soon enough, Jolly has taken quite a few of his thugs out of the town, and put them in Isla Cangrejos, were they now guard a secret chest.... The British Parliament has taken advantage of this, and now holds all of their meetings in this remote location. If you are a part of parliament, you also have a map to this secret location...

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