RNB Seal

The Official Seal of the Royal Navy Ball

This page is for a recap of each Royal Navy Ball!

1st Ball -- 3/26/11 -- Fort Charles

Well, it's safe to say this was a blast! Our host arrived a little late, due to a holdup with a few raiders. When he arrived, Skull's Marines were guarding the fort from all entrances! Guests slowly began to arrive. Finally, Matthew O'malley arrived about half-an-hour in. He brought with him, the Knights of Canzington, and the Irish Royal Family! A friendly mayhem broke out, in which Lawrence Daggerpaine won with eight kills. During the second mayhem, John Warsmythe won with six kills. Throughtout, there were gate-crashers that came, but were sent away or imprisoned. After the third mayhem (Robert Mcroberts won), a battle broke out, in which Matthew Blastshot had to quell. Then, Solomon Firehazzard, a raider, attacked. Most of the guests fled, besides the Viceroyal Army and Gen. of Peace, who battled them.


  • King John Breasly
  • Matthew Blastshot
  • Henry
  • Matthew O'malley
  • Halle
  • Samuel Redbeard
  • Robert Mcroberts
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Capt. Skull X
  • Chris Swordbones
  • Cherie
  • Keira Kinover
  • Zeke
  • Freebooter/Duchess of Anemois
  • Captain Ryan
  • William Daggerhawk
  • Johnny Sea Slasher
  • Captain Shadow Sail
  • Soar
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine
  • Bounty Hunter Bill
  • Matthew Daggermenace
  • Pirate
  • Johnny Whalescrlett
  • ~\~Simon Treasurehawk~/~
  • Samuel Firehawk
  • Mark
  • Peter Gold Grim
  • Jamie Seawallace
  • Johnny Coaleston

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