RNB Seal

The Official Seal of the Royal Navy Ball

The Royal Navy Ball is a formal ball sponsored by the Royal Navy. Almost anyone may come, but misbehave, and the jail cells are awaiting. This event is opened to the general public, but is quite expensive to attend. The attendance takes a hefty 500 gold, to make sure no beggars show up. Pirates are invited Pirates are no longer invited (without invite), due to the outcome of the last ball. At the ball, we will offer:

  • Entertainment: sword duels, ship duels, navy cannons, and swiftfoot contests
  • Food: Lobster, Crab, Escargots, and more
  • A Mingling Place: Hang out with your friends!


  • Guards on the inside of the gates
  • The ball will start at the beginning of sunset, and go until sunrise. Guests may come and go as they please
  • Admission cost is 500 gold, but you don't have to pay
  • Guards consist of Navy and Black Guard personel, as well as hired-arms.

Current Ball

The current ball information:

The next ball has not been chosen

Honored Guest List

If you are upon this list, your official invitation will arrive soon, or has already arrived.

New Honored Guests

If you have any suggestions, please submit them on this page's talk page (to be made with link)

Bests of the Night

Each ball, we'd like to contribute a special thanks to certain guilds and people for making each ball possible.

Guest of the Night


Guild of the Night


List of Known People Coming

Template:Empty section

Not Welcome

These are the list of people not welcome:

  • Captain Leon—Due to certain actions, Captain Leon is not welcomed in upcoming balls.


  1. RNB pricing changed:
    1. Must pay 100 gold
    2. Present 500 gold, but do not pay
  2. Invitations Sent
  3. Not Welcomed List added:
    1. Matthew O'malley
    2. Pearson Wright
    3. Captain Leon
  4. Poll Placed: Remove Matthew O'malley from Unwelcomed list?
  5. Negotiations reached: Matthew O'malley weclomed.
  6. Skull's Marines agree to security detail
  7. Best of the Nights added
  8. 1st Ball takes place 3/26/11
  9. Raiders attack 1st Ball

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