The Royal Council is Matthew Blastshots Navy guild. *DEAD GUILD PEOPLE*

Guild Userbox ImageNavy Royal Council is a Navy Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
France vs eitc

<s>lord = Matthew Blastshot</s>

Admiral = Admiral Henry

Commodore = none

General = Wlliam seafury

Captain = none

Lieutenant = liz goldfury

Officer = James cannonspinner

Veteran = none

Private = none

Boatswain = none

Cannoneer = none

Sailor = none


*Matthew Blastshot

* Admiral Henry

*William Seafury

*Liz Golfury,

  • James cannonspinner,


Lord = what ever they want to wear.

Admiral and Commodore = Admiral hat, Emborided vest , Dealer shirt , any dark coulered trousers, boots .

Captain = Admiral hat , Embroided vest , dealer shirt , dark brown trousers , boots.

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