Sail ramming speed Riptide Wrath is a War Frigate!!

The Riptide Wrath

The Riptide Wrath is the strongest ship in the Armada of Maurader's Militia. It is a War Frigate. It was used in
The Riptide Wrath

The Wrath

some battle. It is Head of the Armada of Maurader's Militia. It is rarely seen in the Caribbean anymore.


Main Battles:

Pirate Armada & Marauder's Militia vs. The Grand Co.

Warlords Brigade & Maurader's Militia vs. Francis Brigade (Part one)

Francis Brigade & Maurader's Militia vs. Warlord's Brigade (Part two)

Francis Brigade & Marauder's Militia vs. United Empire

Maurader's Militia vs. French Brigade and United Empire

Cold Crusaders & Marauder's Militia vs. Francis Brigade

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