Do you dislike someone so much in the game you want a restraining order against them? Wow....

Filing a Restraining Order

I, (name), agree to stay at least an island away from (name) for as long as I am alive. In no circumstance will I talk to them, be in the same guild with them, or crew them. I will not attack this person. I will not spy on this person. I will not send someone to do anything to this person. If I fail to do so, I will be confronted and stalked by (see below) for an appropriate amount of time. Failure to do this again will result in(if needed) being attacked. If I refuse to comply again, the restraining order will be called off. Once you do sign, there is no getting out, unless done so by (see below), or by failing to cooperate with the rules.

File them here.

Keepers of the Order

Insert your name to be one of those peeps

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