Renegade Robbie is a Pirate who workds as a protégé under Captain Jim Logan and works for The Alliance Of All The Brethren Courts attacking EITC Agents, Sinking their ships, forts. and slipping away without being caught.( This pirate is non cannon as he only became a Pirate in an alternate timeline)(although there are 2 real Renegade Robbies in the game)

Early Life

Robbie was born to an Upper-middle class family, he lived in a mansion on Port Royal, and played with few other children, but at the age of 13 his parents were taken away while he was at school. after a year of living alone he decided to take up Piracy, he got aboard a Galleon and helped lead a mutiny against their Captain who was keeping all the money for himself, after a year at sea as the First Mate, The EITC attacked his Ship and nearly everyone died except for him. Then he washed up on the shores of his home Port Royal were he met Captain Jim Logan who he took under his wing and taught him how to be a pirate.


a Pirate Cutlass

a Double Barreled Pistol

an Assasins Dagger

a Cadets Mucket

Current Norenty lvl 14
Ship The Golden Phenoix
Family Parents(desceased) Captain Jim Logan(mentor)

The Biography of Jim Logan

Renegade Robbie is mentioned and elaborated by in The Biography of Jim Logan(only in the Alternate Time line section)

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