Red Army( had to change name to operation red )is a new pirate rebellion guild that was started November 23 of 2010. It's a small guild that is the main guild for Operation Red, a plan to defeat the EITC. The Leader is Jack Dreadvane, a level 39 pirate, that is determined to get his revenge on Captain Leon. The home server is Patros and here are the locations that the red army have captured.


Isla Perdida-Main base. Training and meetings are hosted here.

Tortuga Meat Market-Simple camp. Drills and camp outs are here.

Rum Runner's island-food and drink storage. Camp outs here.

The Red army hopes to get many more members to assist us in our battle against the EITC. If you are interested you can usually find Jack Dreadvane on Tortuga trying to recruit new members. There are no uniforms like in the Francis Brigade except for one thing : If you can get a red bandana or belt to symbolize red army that would be helpful. My goal in making this guild is to stop all the EITC wars and tyranny and unite all pirates together to bring us to a time of peace and unity.

some history of red army

red army started out as the russian army. Their pride and strength in WW2 hit all their enemies with fear. They gave me the inspiration for this name and rebellion.

I hope I can get some people to be interested to join the cause. If you want to fight the EITC and bring an end to leon join the red army.

Fight well, pirates. Ura!


operation red's mission was a success. Leon has joined the side of the pirates and we shall begin a time of peace. good job pirates. You are all great people. The time for peace is now. URA!!!

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