Raven Midiaye Wolf and all about her

This is the basic information of Raven Midiaye Wolf's life. She is currently the GM of Wolf Guild... made after her own name.

Her Family...

Mother: Kelly

Father: ???

Siblings: None

Other: Married


Her mother abandoned her at a young age. She was found all alone by a pack of bandits, who after thinking abuot it, took pity on her and adopted her. They raised her roughly, so when she grew to maturity she had been taught to hate. One day Jolly Roger found her off alone..

So when she found the busy crowded streets of Tortuga full of people like herself, she decided they were not enemies.. they were friends. She found a home there and remained there for the rest of her life.

She loved brewing potions...

During the Curse of the Muretos Moon Raven found herself being cursed. The hordes of undead in the mines did not forget about her! Jolly Roger was angry with her because a while back she refused his offer to join his army so he made her kill most of her dearest friends... A very sad day.

But she is not yet forgotten..

The Curse that took her soul away..

Raven was forced to kill all of her friends that night..

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