Hi Everyone,

It has come to my attention that Raven's Cove is in very bad shape. I have spoken with the ghosts of Raven's Cove, and they tell me that it was once a lush and beautiful place. I believe that Raven's Cove should be restored to its former Glory, and thus I request the assistance of a group of pirates to help me rebuild Raven's cove.

If you are interested, sign your Pirates name below, more details will come when I have more support.

Its going to be very hard to put all of the Rage Ghosts to rest. I find it nearly impossible.

I disagree, I have found a very effective strategy for eliminating the rage ghosts

What about the swarms of Devious, Mutineer, and Traitor ghosts in the mine?

I'm honestly not entirely sure what to do about the mines, perhaps we could launch a coordinated raid and hit all the ghosts at one time, I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a better one. ~The Serpent~

We could simply take the key to the mine and throw it in the ocean. My suggestion is that we just leave the mines alone.


~The Serpent~

I think we should try to fix the island but the ghost will be a problem

Peter wildsilver 00:47, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

This would be a wonderful thing to accomplish, but any attempt to remove the threat of the ghosts will bring certain doom.

~ Jack Swordmenace

I belive we may find clues if we excavate in the mines. Then we might know how to stop the evil ghots

~ Dog Hullbones

I belive this should be done, my parents owned that island when i was a child, i wish to restore my home.

~Pirate King Captain Jim Logan

I think we should leave the ghosts alone and use them as guards for the island in case of future attacks. That's because that's really what their self-assigned task is anyway, nobody really should be out past dark, and we really can't permenantly get rid of the ghosts. And as a bonus, the ghosts in the mine are great sources of weapons if there is an attack during the day time.

~Jonathan Slit-Eye

I would like to help restore the island. I onced lived there as a Dressmaker. I wanna restore Raven's Cove.

~The Ghost of Tyla A. Swan

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