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Nate Raidhawk's uncle had a particularly nice sword, and his nephew, Nate Raidhawk, liked it too. After his uncle disappeared, Nate went into his old shack and found this beautiful blade. He took it, and used it for years and years. Then one day, Garcia de la Avaricia recruited him onto his privateer team. He boarded the War Galleon and of course he brought his sword. A cannonball hit the ship in the battle, and he dropped the blade. Nate Raidhawk almost jumped off to get it, but captain said to get to the cannons. So now it lays under the Mar de Plata seas... cursed to bare the wieght of the sea.

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Nate's Sword

Attack: 86

Resale:135 Gold

Special powers: Cursed Fire Rank 1

Voodoo Damage Rank 1

Appearance: At first, the blade was beautiful and had a hint of gold to it, but now it lays at the bottom of Mar de Plata.

Today: It sits at the bottom of the seas, unreachable. Many divers have attemped to recover this blade. Most of them failed, and passed away. People everywhere say one day, one moment, this sword will come back, divers say it is impossible. For, they have searched for almost 50 years, no luck. They even had directions to get to it. Some say, it will remain a complete mystery.

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