This quest is for Captain Shadow Sail. He will give you a very special reward.

What Happened

Captain Shadow Sail is very busy, currently driving the White Shadow and working on Master Ex weapons.
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Captain Shadow Sail

He was so busy and in a rush one day, while on The White Shadow, he dropped his lucky pocket watch in the deep blue ocean. It was given to him by his great grandfather and he wants it back. It is a very hard quest, with a nice reward.


  1. Visit Captain Shadow Sail by boarding the White Shadow- Story: Shadow can be found on the White Shadow, see what you can do for him. Reward: 600 Rep
  2. Visit Lightning Vessels Show Room - Story: Shadow owns Lightning Vessels and has ordered a ship for you so you can try to find his watch. Reward: 600 Rep
  3. Sink 20 20+ EITC Ships- Story: These ships by Lightning Vessels are very valuable, the employees there want to see if you have what it takes to sail one of these ships.
  4. Search The Falcon- Story: It is rumored that The Falcon keeps records of many ships. Go underwater and see if you can find it and recover the records for the White Shadow on February 1, 1255. Reward: 600 Rep
  5. Follow the map to the site- Story: Now that you have the record from that day, look for the area that the White Shadow was at, at 2:00 pm, the time Shadow dropped the watch. Reward: 1000 gold
  6. Search- Story: Search around the spot that Shadow dropped the watch. Reward: 10,000 rep
  7. Return to Shadow- Story: Give him the watch. Reward: 1000 gold + 20,000 rep
  8. Kill 1 of each enemy- Story: Turns out, the watch was fake, the real one had been stolen, and replaced with a fake, you need to find the real one. Reward: Shadow Cutlass


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