• Note: This quest is available for level 5 and up
  • Talk to Simon Treasurehawk ( Padres del Fuego )

"Get out of the open! They're everywhere." You look confused. "You know the EITC. They're attacking every island with a port and are taking over Tortuga!" You look shocked. Simon notices your broadsword and blunderbuss. "But you can help. Go see Christopher Seamorgan."

  • Talk to Christopher Seamorgan

"Ahoy." Christopher waves. "I am General Seamorgan of the Scouts. We'll start your trainign with creating your Marauder's Blade.

  • Gathering Materials
  1. Venom (From 5 Dire Scorpians)
  2. Cursed Elixer (2 Death Omens, 20 Undead Gravediggers)
  3. Blood (5 Navy Soldiers)
  4. After all parts completed, visit Doc Grog
  • Talk to Tia Dalma

"Cursed Elixer, you have all the right ingredients. See Malcomo. Use his potion table."

  • Visit Malcomo's Potion Table
  • Create the Cursed Elixer potion
  1. Make 2 Venom Essence
  2. Make 1 Crab Gem
  3. Make 3 Cursed Essence
  • Return to Doc Grog

Dog Grog pours the Elixer silently into the can of the materials you gathered.

  • Return to Christopher Seamorgan

"Well done." Christopher praises. "Go to William Turner and have him make this can of materials into your blade.

  • Talk to William Turner

"Deadly materials. Where'd you get them." You explain. "Oh ok, first, I'm low on materials.

  • Pay William Turner 500 gold

"Thank you, I'll get working right away."

  • Talk to Christopher Seamorgan.

"So it will take a while, well we'll go ahead and say that its done."

  • Visit Simon Treasurehawk

"Good, training, part one is over." You celebrate. "Ok, go see Raymond"


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